The Story So Far

     Shady Day Special was formed in 2017 as an instrumental group for a high school talent show.  We never intended on performing again after that, but after a highly successful show and a standing ovation we fell in love with the art of performance and decided to continue our passion. Within a year we had found ourselves a singer and were off to the races. We've been busy playing shows in our hometown and building a fan base from scratch, affectionately called the Losers Club. All of this we've done as we slowly started to write songs. Desperate to be the type of band people need nowadays, we've written songs with deep personal connections to us, as well as absolutely wild comedic songs. But one thing has stayed the same, our drive to write the music we love, and the music we hope you will love too.

     All this work has paid off recently as over the summer of 2020 we went to a studio to record our first official album. Self titled "Shady Day Special," we built this album from the ground up and it is officially out now on all streaming platforms! With a tour being planned and a second album already in the works, y'all better buckle up, because the ride has only just begun, and we're bringing you all, our Losers, along with us! See you soon!